How do you describe the overall atmosphere of the wiki?

- Fun, friendly and exciting.

- I describe it as fun, enjoyable and overall great.

- The atmosphere of the wiki is cozy and friendly, with most people knowing that admins are there to help them if they struggle.

Now, there's a bit of a difference between Camp Jupiter and Camp Half-Blood, can you tell us about these differences?

- Well, speaking in series-wise, Camp Jupiter is a lot more stricter than Camp Half-Blood and is a lot more organized.

What are users able to do on this wiki?

- The most important thing they can do, in my view, is to make new friends.

- Users are able to have fun and joy on here and they also get to express their creativity and imagination through RPing.
- Users are able to express themselves through their character making and RPing, and are able to discuss any worries with the administrators. They are able to ask for user rights when they believe they are deserving, and RP in many locations and situations that are exciting.

Are there any future events that is headed towards the wiki's way?
- Well, I'm currently working on the outline of what might become into a site-wide event, maybe even our first arc.

- As for events, that would be telling.

What's your favorite thing about the wiki?
- Hmm. Meeting new people.

- Probably RPing.

- Locations.

How do you feel about joining Camp Jupiter?

- Excited. It's really hard to find a good Camp Half-Blood or Camp Jupiter Roleplay Wiki and this looks like it's going to be one of them.
- Happy.

When you think about the word "Camp Jupiter", what comes into mind?

- Fun/Typing, both for obvious reasons.

- Bunnies.

- A ball pool. Dunno why.

Thank you for the interview and any last words?

- Keep up the great work, Campers, and beannacht ar tú.
- Join me?