The Official Camp Jupiter Newspaper
Issue 1: September 2013

News and Gossip from the Cohorts of Camp Jupiter.


Issue One


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  2. Table of Contents
  3. Weather Report From Jupiter
  4. Dear Mother Metis
  5. Horoscopes
  6. Riddles from the Sphinx
  7. Salutem Sectio
  8. Feature Fanfiction



Sep 3                 Day                 Night 

Mostly Clear         71°                   59°  


Sep 4                 Day                 Night 

Partly Cloudy       66°                   58°  


Sep 5                 Day                 Night 

Sunny                 70°                    59°  


Sep 6                 Day                 Night 

Partly Cloudy       77°                    62°  


Sep 7                 Day                 Night 

Partly Cloudy       78°                    60°  



~A Girl in Need

Mother Metis,

There's a daughter of Venus trying to set up somebody with me. I want to find love in my own time, but I don't want to hurt her feelings. How can I stop her from trying to set me up.
~ Girl in Need

Try pulling that daughter of Venus aside and asking her to point-blank stop. Tell her that she's making you embarressed or hurting your feelings. Nothing stops a daughter of Venus than hurting her friends. She'll understand and stop.


~A Bit Afraid

Dear Metis,

I'm afraid of meeting some of my half-siblings, because I think it might be awkward. Help me get rid of my fear please, because I would like to know them.
~Afraid of Half-Siblings

Ah, the ever awkward moment of meeting your half-sibling. At first, it may seem like an enduring task, but once you break the barriers of having a different parent, you'll notice that after a while, it will feel like they're your blood sibling.







Ld13 Isperia Sphinx

The Sphinx The Riddler of the Romans
-"To learn my teachings, I must first teach you how to learn"

 – September 3, 2013

"Step forward, brave demigod and face my task of riddles. Shall you pass, you will walk through me, but shall you fail, I will have a tasty dinner."

1) How can it be? Half of nine is one plus three? How can it be true? Half of eleven is four plus two? Now can you see? Half of three is also three?

2) The man who invented it, doesn't want it for himself. The man who bought it, doesn't need it for himself. The man who needs it, doesn't know it when he needs it.

3) Where may you find roads without carts, forests without trees, cities without houses?

4) Completely round is fairly rare. Bright and shiny when I'm there. When I'm not, they call me new. But I'm old. Older than you.

5) What falls but never gets hurt?

~ Tell us below in the comments what you think the answers are ~

Art nouveau demeter by sterendenn-d47v620

How to Pick the Best Cereal

1) Sweet Tooth: Start with a no-sugar or low-sugar cereal and begin to add your own healthy sweet stuff. Add strawberries, bananas and any other sweet fruits.

2) Losing Weight: Pick a cereal with less than 150 calories per serving. Read the lable carefully and watch out for the serving sizes. 

3) Whole-Grains: Grains vary in taste and they offer slightly different nutrients. The most important thing to do is to make sure that your cereal has at least sixteen grams of whole wheat. 

4) Don't Like Milk: If you don't like milk sogging your cereal, there is another healthy way to get the nutrients. Plop a cup of Roman yogurt into your cereal bowl and enjoy! 

5) Extra Fibers: All whole-wheat cereals have fiber, which is a good thing. Brown rice can lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease. Even add fruits to boost the benefits. 


5 Ingredients For Better Looking Skin

1) Garden Mask: Whole fruits and vegetables, especially those filled with anit-aging vitamin C, can fight free radicals, prevent wrinkles and give you firmer, younger-looking skin.

2) Pomergranate: These tart-crunchy seeds are loaded with anit-aging compounds. Creating a Pomergranate Exfoliating Scrub can help remove dead skin. 

3) Cranberries: These popular ingrediants in drinks can actually do wonders for your skin. This refreshing treatment can naturally exfoliate dead skin. 

4) Pumpkin: It's packed with anti-aging antioxidants and vitamins C and A. The pumpkin can be proccessed into a thick mask to help hydrate the skin. 

5) Strawberries: Vitamin C is a natural anit-aging compound and strawberries are full of it. Trying a strawberry mask can fight free radicals. 



Megan pushed open the large door to the mansion, it creaked and echoed through the house. It was creepy and dark. She really didn't want to go in, but James was in here and she was not going to leave him alone. She stepped in and had her hand on the hilt of her dagger, the large door slammed shut behind her and the force sent her face first into the dusty floor.

“Ew, ew, ew!!” She said. She jumped up wiping off the dust on her clothes and face - she hated dirt and dust. And this didn't make it any easier on her, especially with this old mansion full of bugs and dirt and dust. She shivered at the thought and kept on walking.

She had just realized it was pitch black in here, but she could see fine. Why am I able to see perfectly? She thought and shook her head and let the thought pass, she couldn't be thinking about who her godly parent was while she was trying to find James.

“Hey!” She heard someone yell at her, she looked up and sitting on the railing was a boy. Megan was surprised he could see her, he jumped down from the high railing and landed in front of her. He had black shaggy hair and black almond eyes with white skin, he wore a white t-shirt with blue jeans and wore a baseball hat that was on backwards. He had a sword strapped to his side and he looked like trouble.

“What are you doing in this mansion, little lady?” He said to Megan with a smirk, she instantly grabbed her dagger and was ready to fight this jerk.

“I'm trying to find my friend? Know anything about a boy who happened to be dragged in here against his will?” Megan asked with an annoyed tone in her voice, she already hated this guy and she didn't even know his name. “I might have, I wasn't really paying attention. But I did hear some noise coming from the basement. But it's locked, so why don't you just stay up here with me?” He said and the smirked turned into a grin, Megan growled and in a flash a slit made its appearance on the boys cheek.

“Don't you ever try to flirt with me again or else I will personally kill you.” Megan said and put her dagger back into its sheath. The boy touched the slit on his cheek and grinned.

“I like a girl who's feisty. But I can tell that you don't like me, but sadly I am the only one who knows how to save your friend.” He said with a smirk and turned on his heel and started to walk away, Megan instantly grabbed his arm and he turned around to look at her.

“If you help me find my friend-” A sour taste crept into her mouth, she hated to say this. But if his guy was a big flirt. Then she knew how to get him to help her.

“-I'll let you kiss me.” She said and shivered, a smirk appeared on his face and he gave a nod. “A deal it is!” He said and Megan sighed.

“So, where do we start?” She asked, they heard a scream from upstairs and it was a girl scream. James did not scream like a girl. Looks like there's others in this mansion too.
“Second floor Milady, please lead the way.” The boy said and the two made their way to the staircase and headed up. . .

~ To Be Continued Next Issue ~